In 2011, Michelle McGrath of Wisconsin began to develop and produce a new NASSCED Monthly Newsletter, with the intent of sharing best practices and ideas as we continue to build our association as a valuable resource for our members as well as the advisors and student leaders they serve.

In 2013, Sandy Ginger of Nevada has taken over the role of editor for this valuable resource. Sandy is looking for contributors to share their expertise and wisdom with our membership in upcoming issues of the newsletter - to entice you, Sandy will give a free screaming woot monkey (example shown at right) to anyone who volunteers an article. To share your wisdom (and get your woot monkey) contact Sandy at


Michelle McGrath, Editor


Michelle McGrath, Editor


Sandy Ginger, Editor

If you have any questions about files posted on our website for download, please contact Lou Miller at

If you have any suggestions for upcoming issues of our Monthly Newsletter, please contact Sandy Ginger at




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